Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fahrenheit 451

This one sort of snuck by me. In need of some reading material yesterday lunchtime, I picked up the pub's copy of the Mirror and tucked away was a story which didn't really make the more usual sources I use for news. A man was freed on bail yesterday having been accused of possessing a book.
I hadn't noticed that the possession of certain pieces of literature had become illegal. I myself own several works that call for the overthrow of established methods of government. Are the works of Rousseau, Marx and Engels, Paine etc also to be proscribed? Once you start banning the possession of certain pieces of literature, it's easy to extend it to cover more. Then what? Burn the lot in the style of a Bradburian fantasy?
The pamphlet this man is accused of possessing may have some abhorrent stuff on it - I don't know; I've not seen it - but to start criminalising ownership of certain publications is a dangerous step.

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