Friday, May 11, 2007

Diego Corrales

Boxer Diego Corrales died earlier this week following a motorcycle accident. He was just 29.

A true warrior of the squared circle, here's why he'll he be missed. This is the incredible 10th round of his second fight with Jose Luis Castillo, which came at the back end of a proper slugfest of a fight.


Gary said...

What a round :)

"You'd better fooking get inside him now" :) if only Henry Cooper had had a corner man like that, who knows where he would have gone :)

John_D said...

That's Dan Goossen in the corner, also a legend.
Canny work from Corrales taking his gumshield out to give him those extra seconds, but with the point deducted for doing so as well as the two knockdowns, Goossen was spot on saying that :)
Shit or bust, I think the saying is.

Either way, Audley Harrison he was not.