Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Conservatives are the new New Labour

George Osborne today claimed that the Conservative party are the party best placed to continue with Blairite policy. That seems a very odd thing to do given the kicking that the electorate keep giving Blair. If the Conservatives were trying to appeal to me, then the worst thing they could do is say "we'll be like Blair we will".
The assertion is that New Labour are abandoning the centre ground for a move leftwards, but I see no evidence for this. Instead, it's the Tories making a cynical grab for a perceived popular standpoint. However, it's to the detriment of party unity, as evidenced by the resignation of front-bencher Graham Brady as Cameron ditches any pledge to expand grammar schools.
So let them stew. They still don't know what they stand for and don't really have any ideas beyond saying the word "choice" umpteen dozen times per interview.

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