Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We know where you live

I thought that proposals to make public the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders had been scotched as being daft. Apparently not.
Dan Norris, the MP championing this, was on the radio this morning being very earnest in his desires to protect children. Without checking the figures, I'm still reasonably confident that more children are killed by dangerous drivers than serial sex offenders and there's no register for people convicted of motoring offences. I demand to know where they live! Where does it stop?
It appears to me to be a sticking plaster over an underfunded parole system.
Neither am I convinced by these trials. If you're on the register and living in an area that's being trialled, then moving down the road to an area that isn't part of the trial is a very real option, so I doubt the efficacy. Still, better that than going on both feet and making a right old mess of it. I just hope the trials are going to be carried out objectively.
Frankly, anything that's done with the backing of the News Of The World should be examined with extreme scepticism.

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