Sunday, April 08, 2007

The true meaning of Easter

We all know that, while it's great to have a four-day weekend, their is a more solemn meaning to the Easter holiday. And that's for religiousy types to get their names and faces in the papers, whether it's asked for, relevant or not.
Merry chocolate egg day everyone.


Gary said...

If religion actually meant anything, if religious leaders actually had a direct line to their god like they all seem to think they have, then they wouldn't have to keep using their christmas, easter, whitsuntide, micklemas, apprentice boys parade, or any one of a hundred saints day messages to plea for world peace.

Would they ?

Carolyn said...

But without Saints days I've have to teach a full timetable at my Catholic school instead of losing classes left, right and centre for masses and practice masses. When else am I supposed to piss about on the internet?

Oh, and John D bought me a deliciously expensive Easter egg for the first time ever! It's the first one I've got, ever, that wasn't part of a two for three offer!