Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Too trusting

I'm fed up of stories in the papers about people who have gone miles out of their way or on inappropriate routes because the sat nav told them too. At the risk of sounding like my primary school teachers, would they jump off a cliff if it told them to? The system does what it does pretty well, but it's not a substitute for awareness and common sense. The ability to read a map is still quite important. Where sat nav comes into it's own is in guiding you round an unfamiliar town with their quirky one-way systems and all that. Frankly, I've never felt the need. There are helpful things along the highways and byways called 'signs' and they tend to point out which way one needs to go to get to a given destination. They also make it clear how far it is. And they've never failed me yet.


Henry Bolingbroke said...

Your theory of signs is all very well JD, but in practice it often breaks down when some council trained idiot hides them behind a tree or puts them in the wrong place.

John_D said...

This is true. Perhaps an idea of where one is going before one sets off may be in order?
Actually, on the subject of road signs, Preston is rubbish. All the signs seem to be after junctions, so either confirm you were right or point out that you should have gone the other way. Stupid town.