Monday, April 02, 2007

The Specials and The Beat at the Cockpit, Leeds

As a birthday present, I was bought tickets to see The Specials and The Beat in Leeds at The Cockpit. Well, I say The Specials, but what I mean is one of The Specials. I think every member of The Specials is touring under the name The Specials with their own first name prefixing it to distinguish between them all. This version was Neville Staples' Specials. I know Jerry Dammers' Specials are on the circuit as well. And seeing as they've all vowed never to work with one another again, that's probably how it'll remain.
Either way, they were very good. We arrived at the venue after they'd already begun - fashionably late we are. It's a small venue - smaller than I'd anticipated - housed under the railway arche. This meant it was hot. Very hot. Making our way down the front and indulging in some serious skanking only made it hotter.
We got some respite between the bands, but it was back down the front for more skank action when The Beat came on. As far as I could tell, it was pretty much the whole original line-up with the addition of the Rankin' Roger's young lad, who was pretty good.

Their version of Rock The Casbah was brilliant, but that coincided with the point at which the heat and collisions with lots of other random skankers limbs got a bit much, so drinks were in order and a position at the back assumed where it was slightly less energetic. I'd sweated so much, I think I'm down near my birth weight.
Surprisingly, it was all done by 11:00. Something to do with all these yuppy flats down that end of Leeds not wanting to be mithered on a Sunday evening too late as the residents are busy working out how long they'll have to live to pay off the mortgage (About 125 at current interest rates, I think). But it did mean that I could get the 11:40 train instead of hanging about while half past one. Which was nice.

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