Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The solution to everything

Do you have a problem? Then let's solve it the New Labour way: chuck another website at it.
Given the huge extent of problems raised by stupid IT procurement that this government has experienced, especially in NHS terms, is it really that good an idea?
Choice is a silly idea anyway. If I have a problem requiring hospital treatment, I want to go to the one at the other end of a convenient bus route, and I'd wager a small sum on way over 95% of people being the same. If it then transpires that a specialist unit would be more appropriate, then so be it. Comparing various hospitals records against one another is something I'm simply not going to do. I want to go to my local hospital and be sure that it meets certain standards. With all this choice malarkey, you run the risk of developing a two, or more, tier system that will end up helping nobody but the already rich.

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