Friday, April 20, 2007

Limiting freedom of information

If you bring something into law, it's generally because it's something you feel is right and if anyone at all is likely to abide by it, logic suggests it'd be yourself. Well that's not what happens with freedom of information. And now there's debate to exempt all Parliament from the Act.
Ever since the Act came in, government has obfuscated and whinged about it. Information can only be freed if a civil servant somewhere decides it's cheap enough or if you don't ask too often. I'd quite like to free up the information about how someone decides whether to allow a request or not.
And now the turkeys are attempting to roll back christmas. Are those in the corridors of power not constantly telling us that if we've nothing to hide then we've nothing to fear? However this isn't a gross invasion of MPs privacy in the way that random fingerprinting and DNA sampling and retention are, this is a method of keeping elected representatives in check. That MPs want to exempt themselves from it speaks volumes about the respect which the Houses hold the electorate in.

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