Monday, April 16, 2007

Step on

Retrieving a pair of shoes I'd not worn for ages yesterday and inserting my left foot into the appropriate shoe, it felt a bit odd. So I wiggled my foot about in some attempt to smooth out the perceived imperfection in the insole, to no avail. So I rummage in the shoe for what it could be and pulled out.....

the carcass of a mouse; largely skeletal with a bit of fur attached. Not pleasant.
I noticed a mouse - I'm presuming it to be the same one - late last year, scurrying about where the shoes live downstairs. It ran off kitchenwards when I confronted it as to it's presence in the house. I could find no evidence of mouse infestation and surmised that the cat had fetched it in and it was now in a state of panic as it couldn't get back outside. I set some traps - humane ones of course - but nothing was caught and no sign was seen of rodents of any sort for months, so I forgot about it.
We had a shift about at the turn of the year and I put a load of shoes away, this particular pair included. Once christmas was done, I chucked the tree in the same cupboard as the displaced shoes. I suspect that the mouse, snoozing quietly in my shoe, was finished by getting a christmas tree dumped on it's head. And there it remained until disturbed by my left foot yesterday evening. The shoes and socks were quickly launched into the washer (on a very hot wash!) and hung out overnight where they subsequently got rained on. Still, mouse mystery now solved.


Anonymous said...

When you say you used Humane traps ..... did you use odour eaters in the shoes ?

John_D said...

I said the traps were humane, not the shoes.
Then again, the trap manufacturer suggested using peanut butter as bait and, as eny fule no, that is the devil's food and so can't be that humane. The mouse obviously agreed with me, and I now feel I have lost a kindred spirit.