Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Debt adverts

Unsure on how to run up massive debts? There are plenty of opportunities these days, none moreso than by taking a loan out with one of the myriad companies that advertise new ways of getting into debt on daytime TV. These adverts are a menace, so it comes as a major surprise that it's one of these companies that's complained. They all make getting into further debt sound like such an attractive proposition that something ought to be done to make themselves explain the implications more.
That said, the adverts are a genre to themselves and I do have a particular favourite. The one I refer to is one where the escalating debt is represented by taking a frightfully inadequate mower to a jungle of a garden. This part of the advert is done in a grey wash effect which makes everyone look dowdy and depressed. Then the mower blows up and everyone sighs. But not to worry. One massive loan later and the guy has a ride on mower that covers 80% the size of his garden, his wife has put some make-up on and the kids have a new space hopper. And the sun's out! Happy days indeed, and all at the expense of a massive debt and the threat of bailiffs barging in lest you miss a single payment. Huzzah!

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