Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Warming to the Lords

I suppose it's a sign of how hateful this regime has become that I'm actually warming to the Lords. They seem to be doing the job I expect of a Labour (as distinct from New Labour) government to do, this time rejecting plans for jury-free trials. But it is still an odd thing - the House that is - and subject to reforms of it's own at the moment. On principle, I'd go for an elected upper chamber, but that runs the risk of having those not deemed good enough by the electorate to sit in the Commons being the only people standing for elections to the upper house. A wholly appointed House is open to something along the lines of, oh let's pick something at random, cash for honours, although I can see the point of experienced parliamentarians being appointed.
For now, though, they continue to be a pain in the government's backside and for that, whatever one's thoughts on the existence of the Lords, they should be applauded.

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