Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spot the difference

Those captured Marines in Iran. It's all a bit fishy how one minute they were in Iraqi waters and the next in Iranian territory, especially as it was Iran's data that put them in Iraqi areas in the first place. And for all the televised apologies and confessions are distasteful and make you wonder what it's a smokescreen for, they appear to be well treated, fed, not beaten or mutilated (as Terry Jones points out in today's Guardian, in complete contrast to Iraqi prisoners of the coalition). And as Europe threatens to take 'appropriate measures', the mind wanders to whether that stretches to another unlawful and misguided invasion.
Asylum seekers in this country, meanwhile, are being treated utterly despicably. Locked up in a high security facility for the crime of being vulnerable. Denied access to medical care or even semi-adequate housing. A policy, say MPs, of making asylum seekers destitute on purpose.
I think we've got real problems when people seeking our help are being treated far, far worse than people arrested on suspicion of unlawful trespass into the territory of a separate sovereign nation.

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