Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Solving the question of illegal immigration

I don't know why it's not been thought of before. Send people text messages to warn them their visa is about to expire. Who comes up with these things and do they draw a salary? If so, then I've got loads of totally pointless and impractical things for the government to do - you could e-mail people to watch out for flooding when it rains, for example - and I'll set up a PO Box to receive the cheques that will no doubt follow.

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The Big Fat Phony said...

As I mentioned to you in a L**ds hostelry I heard John Reid on the radio and to be honest his defence was, in a move away from the usual childish excuses and explanations, fairly robust. It's a small part of the measures they're planning to introduce and it's not his fault if newspapers like yer super soar away Sun (Tells it like it is TM) have decided to pick this small part out and splash it across their front pages.

Dear God, I've just defended a New Labour minister.....I feel dirty....