Thursday, March 08, 2007

Renewing Trident

As has been mentioned before in these pages, Trident is up for renewal and the proposals are due to be debated imminently. Of all the dissenting voices I expected to hear, Mikhail Gorbachev wasn't one of them, welcome though it is.
I think the most telling point in that article comes from Menzies Campbell when he says that delaying a decision until 2014 to allow Britain to lend leverage to the next round of non-proliferation talks. A very good point, if not as far as I might have gone. Replacing Trident would totally undermine any moves to stop (for example) Iran and North Korea from developing weapons and would also give us no leg to stand on re chelping about the US wiping it's massive, collective arse all over Kyoto and other treaties the Bush regime decided didn't suit.
I think what annoys most is the number of New Labour MPs who have quite conveniently ditched their previously held CND credentials in the rush for votes.

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