Friday, March 09, 2007

Not a racist. Apparently

When is a racist not a racist? Good question. Patrick Mercer would have you believe that the widespread use of racist language and the complete acceptance of that as some kind of normality marks him out as someone who isn't racist. Rubbish!
What bothers me even more is that while he's apologising for having perhaps caused offence, he doesn't seem to have taken into account why that offence may have come about. Just because such terms are commonplace in military circles does not mean it's right and neither should it be treated any differently.

And this will get less coverage in the papers than the Big Brother race row some weeks ago. Which is just stupid. But then I suppose the populous votes with, if not their feet, their telephones. The turnout was higher in some Big Brother votes than it was at the last general election, and for that fact, I despair.

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Chris said...

What always makes me laugh is when they wheel out the grovelling apologies, people in this position always say 'if I have caused any offence' as if its not their fault, its all down to some jaundiced interpretation that most of the country has made....