Saturday, March 03, 2007

Clone Roses at Holmfirth Picturedrome

Following the saving of the Picturedrome - well, not saved so much as definitely not being turned into a Wetherspoons, it is still in trouble - the Clone Roses were in town. And the place was jumping.

It was a hell of a gig actually. Had pretty much everything - a scuffle broke out at one point and some local pubeheaded yoof knobhead decided lobbing a bottle stagewards was a good idea.
They played all the hits and have the mannerisms of the Stone Roses down pat.

The big difference between these guys and the Stone Roses is that the originals were complete rubbish live and these aren't. And that's what gets me about tribute acts like this. They're talented musicians - very talented - so it baffles me somewhat that they set themselves up as a tribute. It'd be a bit sad if aping another band paid more than doing your own thing.
But for all my issues about tribute bands in general, it was cracking. The support was good too - a ska-influenced band whose name I didn't catch.
Good band, cracking night. Recommended.


The Big Fat Phony said...

"the originals were complete rubbish live"

True to a certain extent, mainly from the point of view of the monkeys voice. However, it did tend to get better a few songs in and he's actually alright nowadays as apparently he tends to warm his vocal chords up before coming on stage....

John_D said...

Warm up with some inexpensive Moroccan relaxation..... methods?