Thursday, March 01, 2007

Britain's greatest sportsperson

Tanni Grey-Thompson has retired. I don't think she's ever really got the plaudits she's deserved over the years, as successful performers in fringe areas of the sporting radar rarely do unless they're royal. Sixteen Olympic medals, eleven of them gold, and six marathon wins. That's a hugely impressive total and only really tells half the story. And she's a decent person to boot. I once offered to help her off a train, initially not realising who it was and, on doing so, quickly went all schoolboyish and blushing. I'd only gone and asked the world's premier wheelchair-bound athlete if she wanted help with her chair... Bloody idiot. She was very gracious anyway.
All the best to her in her future career. If anyone ever gets near the amount of medals and awards she's won, they will be a very tired person at the end of it.

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