Wednesday, March 28, 2007

All I want for Christmas... me two front teeth. So the song goes, and it's a reasonable enough sentiment. However, that may be a pipe dream for many if two reports into NHS dentistry are anything to go by.
The problems in finding dentists taking on NHS patients are well documented enough. Demand is clearly outstripping supply massively. The new contract, which minister Rosie Winterton was on the radio this morning defending, ties dentists to the same amount of NHS work as the previous year minus five per cent. Which is nonsense. People don't have problems on a strictly annual basis and this is the major flaw with the target culture in place across the health service. Taking an example from my own life, an exemplum if you will, I recently had to visit my dentist (NHS, naturally) for advice on a problem with my jaw. It's never happened before and probably won't happen again, but this will be a factor in future targets for the practise I attend. I guess I was lucky to get in and see someone before the practise had used up all their NHS hours and had to stand people down as a result.


Anonymous said...

Open wide and say "Ahhhh! The Government is bollocking up the NHS Dentist system with their wonderfully thought out tinkering."

Anonymous said...

If Dentist's are been told to take a holiday, why is Robert Lyndsay still working in BBC's "My Family" ?