Saturday, February 17, 2007

Satire. Can it be 'right'?

I read in this morning's paper that the creator of 24 is set to launch a right-leaning satirical show as a counter-balance to Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. It sounds horrific, mainly because it gives the hateful Anne Coulter air time. I'm not sure the right can do satire. Maybe it's because all I knew as a kid was bloody Thatcher which lent a huge amount to satirists of a leftish bent that I think this. Or maybe I think that satire is by nature not of one political leaning or another. Everyone can be taken down a peg by some knowing wag, but it just feels easier to pick at conservatives like President Gump. If you feel that you need to set yourself up as a rightist satirist, I think you've already lost your edge.


Henry Bolingbroke said...

It is hard to satirise the left when they behave so strangely.

John_D said...

The left satirise themselves better than anyone else could hope to

John_D said...

Proof, if proof were needed, that Charlie Brooker can make my own point better and more amusingly than I can.