Monday, February 12, 2007

Never learning anything #2

2005. England win the Ashes, get gongs from her majesty and have a jolly up on an open top bus trip round London.
2006. England get completely blown away by Australia 5-0.

2007. Following Ashes humiliation, England's one-day no-hopers somehow manager to put four wins together to win the Commonwealth Bank series.
Now if a lesson was to be learned, you would hope that no laurels would be rested on and the undoubted hard work that saw them win this series would be continued. But no. Instead, we get the captain telling everyone how we're now going to win the World Cup which starts soon in the Caribbean. I can only hope Flintoff had been at the drink, because that's just bloody silly and sets us up nicely for a massive fall, just as that bus trip did 18 months ago.

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