Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My favourite footballer

Footballers eh? All money grabbing prima donnas without an ounce of humility or a foot in the real world (I'm talking to you, Craig Bellamy).
Well not all of them. Zinedine Zidane - a master of the game with a vicious streak a mile wide and an understanding of the world around him thanks to his upbringing in Marseille's roughest area (which is a superlative like saying 'Milan's skinniest model' or somesuch) and a real man of the people. Dennis Bergkamp - similarly a master of the game and with a similar vicious streak and social awareness, if not the hard knock life of Zidane's youth. Bergkamp also scored the best goal ever. Those two stand out for me, but my favourite footballer:

Oleguer Presas.
Read. Be impressed.


Duncan said...

I find it amazing that you have managed leave such names as Mark Setori and Kevin Hulme out of your mussings

John_D said...

Sertori.... There's blast from the past. Jeez he was bad.