Friday, February 02, 2007

He's carrying on

It all looks like it's coming to a head for President Blair. Lord Levy's arrest (for the second time) over the cash for honours investigation and the continued fall out from his intervention in the SFO's investigation into BAe are the twin tips of a large iceberg into which the New Labour ship has run. Any semblance of Blair's, or indeed Labour's, authority is basically gone. But he can't see it. He's staying.
I'm a big believer in things running their course - see also Duncan Fletcher in charge of the England cricket team - and it's clear to me that in both cases the time has come for the man in charge to go. They've both gone as far as they can. A continued Blair presence will further undermine Labour and it will then be a case of relying on the Conservatives to fuck it up at the next election. Even then, I half wonder if one term of Tory rule would be a price worth paying, which is crazy talk and not something I even ought to be contemplating in any sort of serious terms. For a start, they'd need at least one policy. And yet that might be enough, such is the disarray Labour are in right now.
Blair needs to go.

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