Saturday, February 17, 2007

Half Man Half Biscuit at Manchester Academy

Another triumph from the Wirral's most famous slackers. In contrast to the previous time I saw them, this was a massive hall.

Incidentally, the Holmfirth Picturedrome has been saved from a fate worse than death. The plan to make into a Wetherspoons got chucked out by the council, which is great news.
Anyway, the gig. Classical Biscuits really. At Holmfirth, we got a taster of a new song - Blue Badge Abuser. Yesterday, we got the fully fleshed out version.

And, as is traditional, the caravan guitar got an airing in the encore.

I managed to miss the 11.42 train home by, literally, seconds, so was forced to spend 2 hours in a Canal Street bar while waiting for the 1.42am train - the next 'service' out of there - and managed to stay awake and get off at the right stop, which was a bonus. So all in all, a grand day out with convivial beers in a few choice bars - The Briton's Protection (with added staff drama for real life soap opera. The phrase 'and don't bother asking for a reference' was used!), the Knott (where a £7 burger is actually pretty good value considering the size and quality of it and the amount of chips you get) - good company and a cracking gig.


Carolyn said...

Are the phrases 'good company' and 'Canal Street' linked? Is it a euphemism?

MickeyMo said...

Sorry to have missed it John. Needless to say the beer festival was excellent and the evidence is up on the blog.

Yorkshire_Red said...

Ha ha, forgot about the soap opera that unfolded around us in the BP. Why is it that you can sit in a quiet pub with a mate & a scene between 2 people you've never met before in your life can leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable?