Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chaos tomorrow

We all know that once a single flake of snow lands in London, the national papers go mad with tales of Britain coming to a grinding halt and general chaos ensuing. Well today, Fleet Street has surpassed itself. On perusing the front pages in the newsagent this morning, at least two and probably more (I was in a rush), foretold of the chaos to arrive tomorrow when either six or seven inches of snow, depending on who you believe, will descend on the capital rendering all normal human activity impossible!
Must be a slow news day.


Gary said...

GMTV were suitably shocked and horrified this morning, snow was their lead story, even though none had fallen.

They too started off with six inches but within half an hour were reporting on seven inches of non-existant snow.

Apparently no vehicle traffic will be possible tomorrow and the trains will stop, and they actually said that it will be the worst weather this century, which got me thinking "well I remember 1963 and 1978", but then I saw what they'd done - this century - hah! the bas'tads.

I'll be tuning in tomorrow morning to see several reporters stood in freezing cold market places all over the country reporting back "its not quite started yet Andrew"

Henry Bolingbroke said...

The panic must have started. The Met Office site is down.