Friday, February 02, 2007

A bizarre notion

I've got a lot of time for Dave Woods. He's an articulate bloke and passionate about his sport, his sport being Rugby League, but this is perhaps the weirdest thing he's ever written. This type of thing gets written once every four or five years, but almost exclusively from the other side of the fence. I don't know why a Rugby League man feels the need to write it. Farrell is one of three recent retirees from League that have chosen to take the quinziste dollar in their dotage. Rugby League survives.
There are three types of people when it comes to rugby. People who like League, people who like union and people who like both. The presence of any one individual, especially a 34-year old with two buggered knees, is highly unlikely to make any one type become a different type.
Were there articles about football fans becoming boxing fans when Curtis Woodhouse jacked in the former for the latter? Were there similar about Rugby League fans turning to boxing when any of Solomon Haumono, Anthony Mundine, Monty Betham or John Hopoate took up the noble art? No there weren't. So why when players retire from League to take up union? Can it really be because the two sports use a similar shaped ball? More like lazy journalism.


Anonymous said...

Found this comment strange.

"There is a strong league flavour to union generally these days."

So 4 or 5 people out of the thousands involved gives it a strong flavour.

If anyone was going to change peoples minds, and I don't believe that one player can, it would have been Robinson when he went there and played like he was playing league still.

John_D said...

Soon stopped talking like he did when he was playing League didn't he...

Henry Bolingbroke said...

"He inspirational captain for his country's 13-a-side team, too."

Not exactly how I remember it.