Saturday, February 03, 2007


The BBC had Who Do You Think You Are. ITV have You Don't Know You're Born.
They're the same.
Celebrity researches their family history. There may or may not be anything interesting. Interesting is relative. Interesting means that the person's history appears to be at odds with their public persona. Even then, it's stretching the term 'interesting' to it's very limit.

The BBC had Strictly Come Dancing. ITV have Dancing On Ice.
They're the same.
Hosted by greyhead TV veteran and vacuous blonde while truly irritating studio audience claps along and boos when judge gives an honest assessment of performance. They take a celebrity and put them into doing something alien to them with varying successes while greyhead veteran makes awful, awful, awful puns on either their name or the thing they're famous for. I don't understand the attraction. If you want to watch dancing or ice dance, why not watch people who know how to do it doing it? If you want to watch these people, why not watch them do what they do for a living rather than something totally different.

Is this the best we have to offer? No wonder Britain is the best in the world at binge drinking. Everybody goes to the pub to avoid this.

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Gary said...

Not only do the BBC and ITV have the same "ancestor" programme under a different title but they use the same script.

40 minutes into each episode its the "weep a little darling" moment where the celeb discovers that there grandparents actually had to do some hard graft down t'pit, t'mill, t'plantation, t'whatever...

The most fawning episode I saw was Jane Horrocks when she discovered that one of her ancestors was buried in a mass grave reserved for paupers who died in the workhouse, the dumb twat actually wanted someone to dig up her ancestor (assuming that they knew which bones belonged to the Horrock) and bury it somewere else - she had to settle for the most tasteless headstone in the cemetry instead.