Friday, January 19, 2007

Wind trouble

It can't have escaped anyone that Britain was subject to higher than average wind speeds yesterday. As is typical in this country, this spot of mildly extreme weather caused untold chaos to the transport infrastructure. Forget about trains out of Leeds at rush hour yesterday - I debunked to the pub for a few hours while the network sorted itself out.
Reading the Daily Mirror over a fellow commuters shoulder this morning, one chap described yesterday as "being like the end of the world". Well if the end of the world is heralded by twigs falling off trees and loose roof tiles being dislodged, then I shan't worry about it.

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Gary said...

Our big industrial wheelie bin was blown right across the yard at work, from whence I had to put my coat on and go fetch it, it was awful, just like armageddon.

Thats all though