Thursday, January 18, 2007

Watch out, there's a chemist about

It appears that one of the accused in the alleged bomb plot who is currently being tried would have learned about rates of reaction when he studied chemistry. That must mean I'm in major trouble myself, as is my partner - possibly moreso seeing as she teaches this stuff to unsuspecting kids for a living (how dare she be such a corrupting influence on our youth, the callous witch) - and some of my very best friends seeing as we all studied chemistry to degree level; a much, much higher level than the GNVQ which Yassin Omar sat.
If that's all the prosecution have got, I suggest they go outside and have a word with themselves.


John_D said...

I subsequently learn that on a GNVQ course, you're unlikely to learn much more than how to clean a beaker. Which makes it even more ridiculous

The Big Fat Phony said...

Having studied chemistry for three years at uni I'd be hard pushed to make up a sodium chloride solution let alone some sort of explosive device.