Monday, January 15, 2007

Trial And Retribution

The aforementioned is an ITV police drama. It's bloody awful. Poorly scripted, badly acted and reliant on that '90s cliché, split screen. No wonder ITV are struggling when this is the best they can do. Woeful.


Anonymous said...

Its goood!!

Anonymous said...


Don't know when you last watched Trial and Retribution but this last series has been fantastic. The first one a couple of weeks ago just had me in tears. And that's good! It was about a family whose daughter is found dead and everyone's a suspect. Sorry to disappoint you but the acting was great (apart from one of the sons, but hey he was only about10) especially the woman who played the mother with obsessive compulsive disorder Nadia Cameron-Blakey. I'm not in the habit of taking notice of actresses names but she was just wonderful. Its not often an actor can get so inside the skin of the character they play that they just involve you like its someone you know but Nadia Cameron-Blakey did. And Greg Wise who played her husband was really good too. Even Victoria Smufitt who usually just plays hard-faced bitch was interesting.
Yes the ending wasn't what we wanted but I even liked that!
But watch out for Nadia Cameron-Blakey! She's brilliant. And hot, and I'm a girl!
So John_D i'd advise you give it another go!!