Sunday, January 21, 2007

Teach kids 'British values'

That's what education secretary Alan Johnson reckons. What the chuff are British values?
I can think of a few:
  • Failing at international sporting events
  • Moaning about the weather
  • Complaining incessantly about governments and councils then not bothering to vote
  • Total inability to get a stadium built to time and budget

There must be more...


Michael said...

Join a queue, not know what the queue is for and then complain that you've had to queue.

The Big Fat Phony said...

If only the majority of people knew what a queue is all about. Then again perhaps that's just people at train stations..

The Big Fat Phony said...

Hating them that's a different colour to yer average "white person"?

The Big Fat Phony said...

An amendment to my post above - hating them that are "over here knicking our jobs". Or possibly all of the above. I'm not sure. I don't read the Daily Mail. How are house prices doing?