Monday, January 08, 2007

Suffer the little children

A new education initiative is being proposed whereby pupils will be tested more often, but with shorter assessments.
I don't necessarily take issue with change to the testing regime, more that these things are never given time to settle. Surely a plan can only be judged a success or failure when at least one cohort has passed through the schooling system in it's entirety? At the moment, it's every couple of years that things are changed and that can't be easy for teachers or for pupils who are being constantly messed about at Whitehall's whim. If a plan is launched, give it a chance to succeed before launching something else.


Gary said...

No-one else remembers this but I'm sure its not a figbox of my imagination...

When I was ten years old, the year that was two years behind me were subjected to an educational experiment where they were taught phonetic spelling - so "taught" would be spelt "tort".

Obviously they were about forty years ahead of their time becasue all kids spell like that now, but the experiment was dropped after a year because all the other kids took the piss out of them and their serious lack of spelling.

I have yet to meet someone who will confirm this story.

I am not, however, mad.

John_D said...

Oddly, I believe you. The only possible reason for teaching phonetic spelling would be if the English language changed to reflect that. Which it won't. Not while I have my strength anyway.