Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sense about science

A charity called Sense About Science has published a pamphlet in the hope of persuading the rich and famous to have a word with themselves before backing pseudo-scientific quackery as fact. And more power to their elbow. There's enough misinformation among the out-and-out lies out there to confuse the average punter without the new uberclass of celebrity muddying the waters.
I don't want to impose my own educational background, i.e. scientific, on everyone (I'm fully aware many people haven't had the luxury of a Huddersfield University education) and I can believe that some people may think "Well if Madonna says so, it must be right" and debunking the shite that's often spoken in the name of science is a valuable job.
And that Gillian McKeith.... Not even a proper doctor. Obtained her 'doctorate' via a correspondence course. Not sure why you need a doctorate to indulge one's scatological fetishes anyway.

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