Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Reasons behind the madness

It was obvious really. I feel stupid for thinking otherwise, but apparently we're all safer being packed into trains like veal calves.
Packed trains make it look like the service is being well run - to anyone but the people who use it. Now there's an excuse for further overcrowding. It beggars belief. For the second time today, I have to use the word 'chutzpah'.


Chris said...

have you acquired your 'cattle class' ticket yet?


Gary said...

Said it before so I'll say it again - if you invented trains now they'd never get past the health and safety officers planning application.

"These carriages, do they have seatbelts fitted"
"No, do we need them ?"
"Well, yes"
"...and how do you explain the capacity of this carriage as 120 when you've only got seating for 40"
"Well we thought they might stand"
"While the train is in motion ?"
"Especially while the train is in motion, is that going to be a problem"
"Well its hardly safe is it, what happens if the train stops very quickly, like in a crash"
"Well all the standing up people will act as cushions for the ones flying out of their seats"
"You haven't read the H&S guidelines have you ?"