Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not fit to do the job

A Sheffield magistrate quit yesterday because he's a homophobe. Well he didn't say that - more that he doesn't agree with homosexual couples adopting, but I'm reading between the lines.
Andrew McClintock has gone to an employment tribunal because he claims he was forced into quitting after his request to avoid cases involving anything a bit gay was turned down. He's not got a leg to stand on. For a magistrate in a family court, two things matter - the rule of law and child welfare. Religious beliefs, however moderate or crackpot they may be, do not enter into it one iota. Therefore, he should have been removed as he wasn't able to do his job properly for some misguided sense of pseudo-morality.

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Chris said...

Oh but, the welfare of the child is the most important thing, as everyone is so keen to point out....