Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A new definition of equality

Equality to me means just that. Everyone on a level footing with the same opportunities and rights. To the Catholic church, however, it means everyone with the same opportunities and rights except the gays. The chutzpah of Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor in that article is staggering, albeit unsurprising. 'Not allowing us to discriminate is discriminatory'. It doesn't wash. You can't play the victim and the oppressor in the same breath. Well you can - Israel's been doing it for decades - but it will not elicit sympathy from anyone even approaching broad-minded.
Besides, an organisation like the Catholic church which is fighting child abuse claims the world over isn't in a great position to start lecturing on child welfare.
And it's no surprise to see our old friend Ruth Kelly sticking her oar in trying to negotiate an 'opt-out' for Catholic organisations, but that's tempered with Peter Hain's assertion that banning dicrimination on any grounds is a "fundamental principle".

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