Monday, January 01, 2007

Honours double standards

I'm not a big fan of all this MBE, CBE, knighthood etc malarkey. And if anything showed the whole system up for the huge farce it is anyway, it's this story about former world featherweight champion Naseem Hamed being stripped of his MBE after serving a prison sentence. Nothing wrong with that, but serial fantasist and fellow jail-bird Jeffrey Archer retains his peerage. One rule for kids from Sheffield's rough bits, another for former senior members of the Conservative Party.

Speaking of Naseem Hamed, I managed to catch a few of his fights on some Eurosport retrospective type show. It's very easy to forget just how good he was before he ran into a red-hot Marco Antonio Barrera. While it's very easy to slag the guy off as a big head, for a time he was easily Britain's best boxer and pound-for-pound among the best in the world. And he got out of the fight game with a flipping great stack of cash and his health.


Anonymous said...

Well first let me say, "Big Up's", to the Queen for stripping this idiot. I think the main problem with Muslims today is they don't respect the laws and human life. Hamed may have been a good fighter but doesn't he owe the rest of the world a chance at being safe while driving our cars? What gives him the right to drive so damn fast and almost kill a guy? I'm happy he was stripped of this honor and it should be a lesson learned!

Mr. Happy U. Lost

John_D said...

What he did - in any sphere of his life, not just this driving incident - has absolutely fuck all to do with his religion.
I'm not defending the guy. It's just idiotic that the stripping of honours applies in one case and not another.
And it's fuck all to do with religion - did I mention that?