Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hero #2 - John Cooper Clarke

The bard of Salford. Lyrical genius and a world class ranter, which one day I aspire to be. Poets don't often inspire me. I think this is down to the force feeding of dreary war poetry at school from Wilfred Owen, Siegfriend Sassoon and the like. The fact that there's a poet laureate narks me as well. Not sure why the reigning monarch needs his/her own poet or what he/she actually does once appointed. Poets like John Hegley, Simon Armitage and Roger McGough I find very hit and miss. Clarke, however, rarely misses the mark. And he advertised Sugar Puffs back in the day...
Not a lot more really needs saying, so instead I'll point you to examples of the man himself saying it.
I Don't Want To Go To Burnley, for instance.
Here also is a good excuse to link to some footage of him performing Chicken Town which then segués into the Joy Division performing Transmission. Which is brilliant.
A chap called Markus Koenig has set some of his verse to music with video: Salomey Maloney, Daily Express and Kung Fu International.
The brilliant Sugar Puffs adverts. (It's tummy time!)
And my personal favourite, Twat.
And you've got to love that backcombing action, barnet-wise.

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