Friday, January 19, 2007

Coffee fascism

I'm knackered this morning, due in part to not getting home from work until 10pm yesterday, so much so that I decided I needed another coffee over and above my standard one prior to leaving the house. The coffee machine at work had a change of state yesterday as it went from working to not, so a trip to one of the myriad coffee shops was on the cards. Eschewing the evil Starbucks, the only real option is the probably just as evil (I don't know anything about them) Caffe Nero.
How hard does it have to be to get a large black coffee? I understand three states of coffee - espresso, black, white. And as I actually like coffee and wish to taste it as I drink it, you can forget the latter of those. I don't particularly care what beans are used (although Fair Trade would be nice). I don't know what a 'shot' is. Who the fuck has syrup of any description in coffee? I will never have a hankering for a triple mochachocacappafrappacino latté with hazlenut syrup and an extra shot. Just pour me a fricking coffee, you McDonalds reject. And by crikey it's expensive.

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