Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The British public are sleepwalking idiots

That can be the only explanation for this report.
Let's pick a few snippets out.
20% of respondents think that torture is a good thing. This is despite all known reports on torture being totally ineffective as a means of gathering evidence, even before you get to the morality of it; especially for a nation which wishes to portray itself as being against that kind of thing and, indeed, lectures other nations against doing it. Except Uzbekistan, where if you raise the issue, you get shifted out of your ambassadorial role.
A majority favour a return of capital punishment. Again, this has been shown not to work. All it does is satisfy the bloodlust of the tabloids and throws all sorts of human rights questions around. For a start, we'd have to undo the European Human Rights legislation out of the window, which would basically mean we're isolated from the rest of our European partners.

The key quote in all this appears right at the end. Conor Gearty, co-author of the report: "It is as though society is in the process of forgetting why past generations thought these freedoms to be so very important."

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