Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trident rusted

20 years is a long time. That long ago saw most of the current Labour cabinet being vehemently anti-nuclear. Now that Trident is coming to the end of it's useful life, the tune is very different. It would be "unwise and dangerous" to remove our "ultimate insurance" policy, according to our Dear Leader. Insurance against what or whom exactly? Back in the '80s and the Cold War, there was far more justification for maintaining an arsenal of nukes. Today, there isn't that Mexican stand-off we found ourselves in back then. We're constantly being told about the perceived threats to Britain and a nuclear assault from a nation state simply ain't one of 'em. Nuclear weapons are not going to be a deterrent to, for example, someone intent on blowing up themselves and others on a packed tube.
Blair also says that "it is not utterly fanciful [to] imagine states sponsoring nuclear terrorism from their soil." Au contraire Tony. It is utterly fanciful.
And to rub salt in, Blair conducted a Cabinet meeting about the replacement. It wasn't a discussion, it's not open to debate, even in that circle of arse-lickers, lickspittles and hangers-on. It's being pushed through Cabinet and through Parliament with nary a word.
And it'll cost £25bn. That's one hell of a lot of teachers, nurses, doctors etc etc etc.

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John_D said...

That and our total disregard to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty to which we are assigned means we as a nation relinquish the right to piss and moan about the USA wiping it's arse on Kyoto, N Korea and Iran ignoring the same treaty we are etc etc etc.