Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Finally, someone is paying attention. Hats off today to Andy Hayman, the Metroploitan Police's assistant commissioner, says of the powers available to stop and search anyone the police fancy if they reckon might be up to something terroristy "[W]e have to question the way we use a power that causes so much pain to the community we serve but results in so few arrests or charges. Is it worth it?"
In this writer's opinion, Mr Hayman, no. It isn't.


The Big Fat Phony said...

Ah, stop and search, Section 60. Summing up the intelligence on offer in the British police force, under the section marked "Distinguishing Features" on my Section 60 form the officer responsible wrote "Yes". Mmmmmmmmarvellous.

BTW, if any of you are ever unfortunate enough to be subjected to a Section 60, remember that you are under no legal obligation to divulge any personal details.

John_D said...

Genius. Pure and simple.