Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pointless statistics

Everywhere you look these days, there are a glut of pointless statistics to dazzle and impress you. They come in two main areas - advertising and politics. A typical example is the current TV ad for Lexmark printers. According to them, 75% of top companies in some sectors use Lexmark. Who decides who these "top companies" are? Does a use of one Lexmark printer constitute them being a customer or do they need to have a service agreement with them? Without these questions being asked and sufficiently answered, the statistic is meaningless. See also creams that reduce signs of ageing by up to 60%. Nonsense.


Gary said...

Mine is a top company, well its top to me anyway, and we do not have a Lexmark printer on the premises, nor have we ever had one, so thats 100% of top companies in this survey that do not use Lexmark.

John_D said...

cf our place which also doesn't have a Lexmark printer. Ergo, 100% of shit companies don't have one either. So I think Lexmark are making their figures up.