Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Extreme ironing

Following England's third capitulation in an Ashes Test in quick succession, I went channel surfing and caught a bit of extreme ironing. All very good, but half the time the iron wasn't plugged in. How do they expect to shift any particularly stubborn creases with no heat? They've gone too far for the extreme and forgotten about the ironing.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure there is health and safety issues if you try to plug an iron in underwater.

John_D said...

Ah, but there you've got the water to assist in crease elimination.

Anonymous said...

Is there a set of rules I can read for this?

Iron plugged in or not depending on waters presence?

Are marks given out of ten on the finished article?

Is it split into governing bodies, EIO and EIA, with belts awarded in shirts, trousers and socks (for beginners)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm thinking about it.

The up-and-coming new extreme sport is "Extreme Hoovering with 'Shake and Vac tm'"