Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another day, another Stevens report

A busy chap is Lord Stevens, former Metropolitan police commissioner. Last week he published his report into the death of that royal bird in Paris t'other year with the staggering conclusion that a car being driven at well over 100mph into a solid concrete pillar in a Parisian tunnel by a driver who had been drinking whilst on prescription drugs was an accident. Today, he concludes in his report into corruption in football that some transfers are a bit sus.
I eagerly await the next report from this pillar of the investigative community. I'm not sure which is due next: is it the one about sky colouration? Perhaps the report into how come water isn't dry? Or maybe the one that finally gets to the bottom of what it is that bears do in the woods.

1 comment:

Henry Bolingbroke said...

I believe Stevens wants his next report to be into a few football agents.

'Tis a good joke.