Monday, November 06, 2006

Saddam to hang

You may have heard that Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. Where does one start on this?
For a start, a trial where the prosecution has to cherry-pick evidence so that politically sensitive material isn't made public is on shaky ground from the off.
Then the sentence. Even in this extreme case I do not support the death penalty. State-sponsored murder is still murder. I don't think it'll change anything in Iraq either. Then again, locking him up for ever wouldn't change anything either. What really grates is the whooping and hollering from some quarters in regard to his impending death - especially a former Texas governor who has a penchant for executions.
There's no doubting he's an utter rotter, but I have a number of issues with the whole process


Chris said...

Be interested to see if it has any bearing on the mid-terms tomorrow which Bush looks like having a close call in.

John_D said...

The timing makes it whiff a bit of fish in regard to the mid-terms. I doubt it will have an effect. I hope not.