Monday, November 20, 2006

Did you know 'gullible' has been removed from the dictionary?

I cannot believe there is anyone in the English (or, more accurately, pidgin-English) speaking world who is not aware of Nigerian 419 scams. And so today's report that losses to British business as a result of these scams runs into billions leaves me scratching my head. If I'm supposed to feel sympathy for those duped by promises of untold wealth, then it's failed the mark. If it's supposed to make me aware of the scam, then it's several years too late.
Once upon a time, a chap purporting to be Joseph Kabila, son of former Congolese dictator Laurent and recent 'winner' of the DR Congo elections (and I'd like to pass on my congratulations to my erstwhile correspondent), sent me one of these things. I deleted it, for I, dear reader, am not a moron.


Anonymous said...

I have many deal with Joseph Kabila. He good man. Give details bank account, he make you rich man.

John_D said...

Tempted though I am, I shall pass on this. If he can't conduct a fraud-free election, who am I to trust him with my bank details?

Anonymous said...

He follow example George W Bush in USA.