Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Advertising standards

Standards are slipping. Watching TV the other day, I saw an advert for some retailer or other hawking Jim Davidson's latest DVD. "Everyone loves Jim Davidson" it said. Now, dear reader, I can't remember which retailer was responsible for this so if you see this abomination, let me know and I shall fire off the following letter to the ASA:

"Dear Sir,

I recently noticed an advert for [insert retailer's name here] and wish to lodge a complaint. The advert claimed that "everyone loves Jim Davidson" when the truth is that - at least in my circle of friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances - that 'everyone' think he's a racist, misogynistic twat.

I trust this oversight will soon be rectified.

Yours etc...."

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The Big Fat Phony said...

Let's make some racist jokes Chalky! nick nick