Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A chap on the radio this morning was lamenting the plight of farmers yet to receive their subsidy and bemoaning the government's big cock up over this. Apparently, the government have "literally made a pig's ear" out of subsidy payments which has left farmers "literally tearing their hair out".
Both clever tricks, I'm sure you'll agree. Somehow I doubt he meant it "literally".


MickeyMo said...

He should have read my blog of May 14:

Five Words you Might Have Used ...

... instead of 'literally' :

kind of
not at all

Gary said...

...and all the time the wanker in charge of the ministry who should have been doling the brass out is still on "gardening leave" as he has been since April - on his £140,000 a year salary - thats some fooking wage and some fooking garden for someone who couldn't organise a piss-up in a methodist mission and who would have been sacked six months ago if he wasn't a civil fooking servant.

Nurse, my pills please...