Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Les banlieus de Paris

It's all kicking off again on the fringes of Paris. A year after the riots which claimed global attention, it's reached boiling point again as Nicolas Sarkozy, who famously and not-very-helpfully described the rioters as "scum", "gangrene" and "rabble", prepares to stand for the French presidency.
And it's not really that much of a surprise that is is brewing again. Well, I say 'again' - I mean 'still'. Nothing has changed, despite all the hand-wringing a year ago. This is a massively disenfranchised section of French society. When people feel they have no voice - and it's easily understood in this case - many feel they have no recourse but to take to the streets. It couldn't happen at a worse time for Sarkozy. Which is good. Because he's an idiot.

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